Weekly Visit Guide 24 – 36 Months

Month 24 – Visit 1 – (Sample)




  1. Sorting and Matching: Mother to help child to match card with furniture
  2. Book: Child to point to named pictures, make sounds, match with real objects in the home and name pictures (four or more)
  3. Song: Mother and child to sing a song or nursery rhyme
  4. Message: (Insert here)


Things to Do:

  • Sorting and Matching 4b – Matching Pictures to Furniture:
    Child to explore pictures.1) Name the pictures and talk about them.  Say “This is a brown door. We can open the door” etc. Lay the cards in a row and get the child to point to the card named. “Do you see the chair? Touch the chair.”; “Show me the door” etc.2) Ask mother to show the child how to match the card to the furniture in the home. Select one of the cards and place it on top of the corresponding piece of furniture in the home.  Say “This is a picture of a chair. I’m going to put it on this chair.” Do this for all the cards.  Collect all the cards and ask child to match them to the furniture in the home one at a time. Say, “Put this picture of a bed on your bed.” Praise and clap when he places the card correctly. If the child does one card easily give him two at a time then all four cards.  Encourage mother to repeat activity with the child.


  • Book 2:
    Let child handle book.  Demonstrate looking at the book with child while naming and talking about the pictures. Child to sit on mother’s lap. Ask the mother to point to, name and talk about the pictures. Allow the child to turn the pages. Praise them both. Encourage mother to ask questions about the pictures. For example “What is the boy doing? What is he playing with?” Try to make the activity fun by matching the pictures to the actual objects in the home (spoon, fork, bed, comb).  Ask the mother to talk about the smaller details of the pictures e.g. “The pillow is on the bed”, “The bicycle has two wheels.” “The bus has windows, a door and wheels. Have you been in a bus?” Encourage her to look at the book with the child daily.


  • Song:  All to sing a suitable song or nursery rhyme
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