Weekly Visit Guide 6 - 11 Months

Month 6 – Visit 1 – (Sample)



  • Cloth Ball: Baby to touch ball, laugh and have fun
  • Language – Copy Sounds: Mother to copy the sounds the baby makes and have a conversation with baby
  • Song: Mother to sing and do actions with baby
  • Message: (Insert here)

Things to do:

  • Doll/Soft Toys 1 - Cloth Ball-
    Give the soft cloth ball to the baby to play with. Let him feel it. Then play with baby, tickling him with the ball on his tummy. Encourage the mother to do activity with baby. Praise mother.


  • Language – Copy Sounds- Listen to sounds baby makes. Hold and face baby and look into his eyes, smile and repeat the sounds he makes. See if he vocalizes back to you. Then get the mother to repeat the activity and see if they can vocalize back and forth. Encourage the mother to do this whenever she is looking after the baby (bathing, feeding, changing etc.)


  • Song – Mother holds baby in her arms while singing. Home Visitor sings with them. - Love You

    I love you
    You love me
    We’re a happy family
    With a great big hug and
    A kiss from me to you (mother to hug and kiss baby)
    Won’t you say you love me too
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